Ralf Moeller – the star bodybuilder with the vegan lifestyle and diet


Ralf Moeller – the star bodybuilder with the vegan lifestyle and diet

So, German bodybuilder Ralf Moeller eats a vegan diet? Really?

Yes, really! And he feels better than he ever has! But how did this come about? How did it all start? Read on to find out about Ralf Moeller’s talents, and about the secret to his success.

Ralf had always been ambitious. He started his career as a sportsman and bodybuilder at the tender age of 17. His goal-orientedness led to him becoming German champion in 1984. Two years later, he was crowned Mr Universe in Tokyo. Today, he is still considered one of greatest bodybuilding champions there is.

From Cyborg to Gladiator to The Tourist – Ralf Moeller the film star

But it’s not just in the sporting arena that this picture-perfect athlete cuts a fine figure. He also makes a great impression on the silver screen. His film career began in 1989 with “Cyborg”. You may also know him from one of many other impressive film roles. His biggest roles were in blockbusters such as Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”, no less, as well as in “The Scorpion King”.

You can also admire him in “The Tourist” alongside Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. He also played the leading role in “The Viking Sagas”, and Conan the Barbarian in the TV series “Conan”, which was watched by viewers in 80 countries worldwide.

So, what’s next for Ralf Moeller? Well, his next project will involve getting in front of the camera with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender in the action comedy “Kung Fury 2”. We can’t wait!

The secret to Ralf’s success: a healthy lifestyle and working out

No pain, no gain! Ralf Moeller knows this very well, and he lives it every day. Real commitment, dedication, vision and lofty goals he sets himself form the basis for his success. He combines his workouts with a healthy lifestyle, and he knows that these are key factors in his long-term success. Because, after all, despite being over 60, Ralf Moeller is full of energy, as fit as a fiddle, and looks absolutely breathtaking.

An example that can serve as an inspiration to us. Workouts and a healthy lifestyle, dedication and goals: these are great combinations if you’re looking for a lifestyle and mindset which will help you to reach your aims, even if they aren’t necessarily going to take you all the way to Hollywood.

Strong guys doing their bit for society

And Ralf Moeller doesn’t stop there. Today, this exceptional bodybuilder, businessman, actor and director also gives up his time to be involved in several social projects such as the German government initiative “Starke Typen” (“Strong guys”) which supports children and young people in areas which are going through a lot of social change.

Doing his bit for society is what drives Ralf Moeller. As a proponent of healthy, vegan diets and sustainability, he sets a great example to others! Leading by example, he wants to encourage others to be more active and eat more vegan food. And wanting to do this has led him to go one step further: he reached for his wooden spoon and quill and ink, and joined forces with Timo Franke to become co-author of a cookbook.

Vegan Gladiators: the book

It’s a cookbook that appeals to many! Millions of people in Germany and elsewhere – from die-hard fans of meat-based barbecues to health-conscious businesspeople to professional sportspeople: more and more people are getting a taste for vegan food and are choosing to eat a diet which is partly or wholly plant-based. Giving up meat, milk, cheese and eggs? It is possible! More than possible, in fact! Ralf Moeller chose to take this path for the sake of his health, animal welfare, and sustainability, and, as he puts it: “You’ll still have plenty of meat on your bones – it’s a win-win situation.”

His approach: “I eased myself into it gradually.” Ralf Moeller goes on to explain: “The great thing is that you notice a difference after just a few weeks. For example, my cholesterol levels got better.”

“The right diet accounts for more than 70 percent of your fitness level and vitality!”

Instead of eating loads of animal protein, he eats plant-based dishes – and still enjoys his food as much as ever. Fresh vegetables, crunchy salads and fruit are just as fundamental to his plant-based diet as sophisticated and flavorfully prepared pulses, dishes made from whole grains, tofu, seitan and many more. After all, in his eyes, a balanced diet also has to include nuts and seeds with plenty of healthy fats, plant-based oils, sprouts, herbs and spices.

Mr Universe gets his inspiration from German vegan chef Timo Franke. “You still have to enjoy your food, and Timo’s vegan recipes are simply amazing,” is his honest and succinct response. He sums it up by saying: “The right diet accounts for more than 70 percent of your fitness level and vitality!”

Bring the gladiators into your kitchen!

The motivation and creativity that the duo bring to the table are absolutely infectious! In their book, Moeller and Franke have brought together plenty of favorite recipes for every day. They’re doable, diverse, and extremely appetizing!

And there’s one thing we’re sure of: You don’t have to want to become a bodybuilder, but if you’re after a balanced, mainly plant-based diet, you couldn’t wish for stronger sparring partners than Ralf Moeller and Timo Franke! The pair are completely authentic and not dogmatic at all. They make vegan cooking fun – whether you’re totally new to it, or an “old hand”. It’s for good reason that the book’s subheading is: “see how mind-blowingly good vegan food can be!”