Bernd Arold – Vegetarian for meat eaters


bernd arold – vegetarian for meat eaters

“My name is Bernd Arold, I’m 48 years old and a trained cook. In my youth, I learned to cook in a classic Franconian kitchen where the animals were slaughtered in-house and we used fresh, home-grown vegetables. Even back then, I loved the fact that everything got prepared from scratch, and that the food was treated with respect.
On top of that, my mother used to work in an organic grocery store, where she cooked vegetarian meals. She introduced me to many vegetarian and vegan foods.

Today, both vegetarian and vegan cooking have remained great passions of mine, as they are so diverse, which means you can let your creativity and dexterity run wild! I’m particularly interested in all the different smells, tastes, and combinations, and in using seasonal ingredients.

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I’ve lived in Munich for 22 years, and I’ve been self-employed for 16 of those years. From 2008 to 2020, I ran the Gesellschaftsraum restaurant, which was also known for its vegetarian and vegan menus. Even meat-eaters were taken with how aromatic the foods were, which won them over as fans of vegetarian cuisine. Since 2018, I’ve been running the Griabig wine bar, which specializes in typical Bavarian foods and Bavarian cuisine.

It’s these convictions I hold that have brought me to work with Vantastic Foods. I write vegetarian and vegan recipes for their products, and am therefore behind their very wide range of products.”