Villa Vegana – your vacation on Majorca begins here


Villa Vegana – your vacation on Majorca begins here

A vegan paradise for gourmets and dreamers!

Little vegan paradises are out there if you look for them! Welcome to our trip to the sunny Balearic Island of Majorca, where you’ll find a hotel that’s a real find in terms of vegan insider knowledge! Whether you’re already a fan of Majorca or not, today we’re going to take you with us on a voyage of discovery to Villa Vegana, a veritable vegan Eldorado! So pack up your bags with plenty of curiosity and appetite – wonderful delicacies and a beautiful location await, eager to be discovered!

Everything here is vegan – and top quality

Villa Vegana, referred to affectionately by fans as the “Kale Garden of Eden”, is hidden amidst lush green hills in a nature reserve in the inland area of the island. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by the scent of lemons and fresh herbs which dances in the warm Mediterranean breeze. Your journey has begun, and you experience the sense of peace that inhabits this place.

The hotel, the yoga on offer – and, of course, the restaurant – offer everything you need to unwind, recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself. And there’s no shortage of opportunities and occasions to have a refreshment and replenish your energy levels. You’re sure to get a taste for what’s on offer, and you’ll be given loads of inspiration – culinary and otherwise! The kitchen team conjures up dishes which are so tempting that even the staunchest of meat lovers would want to try them. Vegan food has never been so sexy!

„Even as a teenager, I dreamed of opening a restaurant where different national cuisines were offered free of animal products,“ says Miriam Spann, founder of Villa Vegana, summing up the concept.

Villa Vegana’s menu is like an artistic tapestry of colors and aromas: from succulent veggie bowls to homemade pasta with rich sauces, to heavenly desserts which will have your tastebuds dancing! Each and every bite renders homage to flavor, while also being a declaration of love to the world of plants, in all its rich variety. As far as is possible, regional ingredients of the best quality are used. The menu features various favorites from the main world cuisines. They demonstrate – at the highest of levels – that it’s possible to prepare fantastic food with plant-based ingredients, without making any compromises. From hearty fare to new, creative dishes, there’s something for everyone. The hotel’s very own tradition is to have themed days, each showcasing the cuisine of a different country: There might be a German-themed day on Sunday, with home-made pretzels, sweet mustard aioli, or vegan “herring” salad with eggplant. On Monday, this might be followed by Greek-style skewers, or by harira, a Moroccan lentil stew served with chickpeas, yogurt, cilantro and mint.

The grounds – a harmonious work of art in their own right

But these legendary dishes are not all there is, of course! At Villa Vegana, indulgence is not just celebrated in the kitchen. The whole grounds are a feast for the senses. Prepare to be enchanted by the colorful flowers, take a refreshing dip in the pool, and take a walk around the artistically designed gardens! You’ll find a world where vegan lifestyle meets harmony and sustainability. This is what the animal-loving owners, Miriam and Jens, say on their homepage: “If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ve definitely come to the right place here at Villa Vegana, because our location means that nobody ends up here unless they’re specifically looking to find us.” This is something the couple’s two free-range miniature pigs would surely be happy to confirm, as they are able to roam free to their hearts’ content over three hectares of land.

The atmosphere is unique. Markus also appreciates this: „As the editor of the Welt Vegan maga-zine, co-founder of a vegan restaurant chain and friend of the founders for many years, I can only confirm that Villa Vegana has an extraordinary offer. Both in terms of the cuisine and the spirit. That’s why I decided to join the team, to contribute my experience as a mental coach and to promote the potential of this project.

And if eating delicious food isn’t enough for you, Villa Vegana also offers exciting cookery courses. Why not take time during your relaxing holiday to get to know the secrets of vegan cuisine? Because one thing is certain: Anyone who stays at Villa Vegana not only goes home with a pleasantly full tummy – they also take a treasure trove of inspiration with them. In the future, Villa Vegana will increasingly be bookable for retreats, seminars, etc. and expand the experience area. The Villa website and Instagram will keep you up to date.

The sustainable hotel concept … must be experienced

Villa Vegana is not just a culinary paradise – it’s also a hotel that combines vegan indulgence with luxury in a unique way. Each room in this wonderful refuge is a small artwork in its own right, designed with plenty of eye for detail. The environmentally friendly materials used, such as recycled wood and organic fabrics, make the hotel sustainable while also creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The stylish interiors, combined with modern conveniences, leave nothing to be desired. It’s something which is best experienced for oneself – by stretching out on the comfy beds, sinking into the soft pillows, and admiring the view through the full-length windows out onto the picturesque landscape. Every corner of the hotel grounds offers breathtaking views over the landscape of Majorca, including the Tramuntana mountain range.

The hotel places a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The vegan personal grooming products in the bathrooms are made from natural ingredients, and are free from harmful chemicals. The rooms are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning technology, to protect guests’ health – and the environment. This means that guests at Villa Vegana can combine enjoying their stay to the max with reducing their environmental footprint.

Family-run, cordial, service-oriented

This typical 15th-century Majorcan villa has been given a contemporary feel, while efforts have also been made to preserve the cozy character of the historical building. With just four double rooms and four suites, this small family-run hotel is a very manageable size, and full of personal touches. Impersonal check-ins or long hotel corridors are not something you’ll come across here.

The Villa Vegana team is well-known for its heartfelt hospitality, and its commitment to making sure your stay is unforgettable. The staff are always happy to support you with recommendations and insider tips, whether it be for trips in the surrounding area, walks along the picturesque coast, or visits to the nearby traditional villages. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, the team will be at your side to fulfil your wishes and make sure you have an unforgettable time.

The delicious (and, of course, vegan) breakfast is always included, and kids stay for free in the suites. All of this is part of the philosophy of Villa Vegana.

Pack your bags full of memories… which will make you want to come back!

So, has our description whetted your appetite for this hidden gem? Maybe you’ll be one of the next guests to enjoy the peace and quiet of this magical spot. Villa Vegana will make sure your stay on Majorca is an unforgettable experience full of vegan highlights, relaxation, and a touch of luxury. You’re guaranteed to go home with a huge smile on your face! You wouldn’t be the first guest to become a “repeat offender” 😉 … Villa Vegana sums up everything we love about Majorca!

P.S.: Last-minute tip: starting in September Villa Vegan will offer its first yoga retreats. Sounds nice to us in this unique environment.