Veganuary – vegan in January


Veganuary – vegan in January

The old year has made its exit, and old habits are being assessed. Bring on the next cycle of positive resolutions! While our calendars may still call this month January, in the now ever-expanding cosmos that is vegan lifestyle, this month of change and transformation is quite simply called Veganuary.

What started out as a small-scale campaign intended for a plant-based minority in 2014 has now evolved into a global charitable organization, with more than 1.5 million registered members on the Veganuary website. The movement’s stated aim is to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the conditions usually faced by factory farmed animals and how food production is destroying our environment, and, in the long term, to bring them a step closer to the utopian idea of a vegan world.

Just as the Starship Enterprise boldly goes where no man has gone before, Veganuary has set itself the earthly mission of – perhaps in the not all too distant future – sowing the seeds of that global idea which doesn’t pollute rivers or oceans, contribute to deforestation or to the dying out of wild animal populations; and which might even manage to take that increasingly ominous issue of climate change we face, and force it backwards until it becomes in some way bearable. And so Veganuary pushes on at warp speed, in an attempt to use its vision of a healing planet not only to bring about change in each individual person, but also to inspire and motivate big companies to rethink their strategies and move towards sustainable food.

Veganuary – protect our planet!