Tressbrüder – Indulgence & Sustainability


Tressbrüder – Indulgence & Sustainability

“TOGETHER FOR PEOPLE AND PLANET”: Discover the world of the Tress Brothers… where indulgence meets sustainability

Taking the risk of being a trailblazer is nothing new for the Tress family. They are always guided by what they believe in, just as the grandfather of today’s Tress Brothers was in his day. It was their grandfather who, in 1950, brought the idea of biodynamic agriculture to Hayingen-Ehestetten in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany, home to the Tress family, where he adapted his farm to meet DEMETER organic standards. With hindsight, the fact that he followed through on his conviction that the future of agriculture would be chemical-free was invaluable in terms of paving the way for where the brothers are today. The brothers’ father, Johannes, and their mother also shaped the business considerably by introducing sustainable cooking as early as the 1980s in the form of vegetarian wholegrain products, as well as taking items such as soft drinks off the menu at the “Rose” restaurant. This forward-looking, consistent approach which was in harmony with nature shaped the brothers – and continues to do so today. Growing up on an organic farm showed them how much hard work goes into sustainable agriculture. By sticking together – and sticking to their vision – they have built up a multi-layered organic business which is about much more than just agriculture.

Economy for the Common Good

The family business made the decision to act in accordance with the Economy for the Common Good. The Economy for the Common Good is a movement which has started an ethical market economy aiming not to accumulate wealth, but to put people’s wellbeing first. The movement implements the Common Good – that is to say human dignity, human rights and ecological responsibility – as part of the economy, too, rather than acting in the interests of individuals or groups. This goal is close to the hearts of all involved.
The four Tress brothers and their mother run four organic restaurants, one organic hotel and two exclusive event locations, and of course they also make the popular TRESSBRÜDER products, which can be purchased via our website.

Their mission statement is always: “Together for People and Planet!”

And it’s a mission that the brothers take really seriously. For example, they have supported EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECTS, MELLFERA (which works to protect bees), TÜBINGEN ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER, FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE, and CLEANHUB (which works to reduce plastic waste in our seas), in addition to many of their own projects.
With their ORGANIC VEGAN READY MEALS, they show how easy and delicious vegan food can be, and how quick it is to reduce your carbon footprint this way compared to with a meal that contains meat.

But all of this can only be achieved by working as a team, and this is how the team (in addition to 80 staff) looks:

The good fairy watching over everything is Mama Tress, Inge,

who not only manages the organic restaurant “Heimatküche”, but also looks out for the whole family. Her favorite dish is vegan porridge with linseed oil and quark.
The eldest Tress brother, Daniel, is in charge of creating experiences. He’s responsible for the service side of things, the organic hotel, and for events.
Simon is the “minister of external affairs”. He’s very well-known in Germany as an organic chef, so alongside making regular media appearances, he takes care of the culinary side of things in the restaurant, and manages and develops the organic fine dining restaurant, “1950”.
Qualified tax consultant Christian is the Tress empire’s finance minister. When he’s not got his head stuck in a book on mindfulness, he takes care of staffing and the business side of things.
Dominik is the youngest of the Tress brothers. His motto is: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He takes care of sales and the production operations.

Together, they’re a great team,

and they’re on a never-ending journey… “Our entrepreneurial freedom allows us to act in accordance with our principles. To us, that means on the one hand managing our affairs strictly in harmony with nature, and on the other hand, we have the unique opportunity to allow our family’s values to color everything we do in the business. We hope that by doing so, we are doing our bit towards building a peaceful society.”
This is certainly something you feel when you visit the Tress family – and you can experience it too, thanks to the Tress Brothers’ vegan products! They’re completely free from preservatives, because after all: we’re all better off without those!

I think it’s safe to say we could all try and be a little more like the Tress family, don’t you think?